Students in class

Students outside the school


Here are some of the comments that our 2017 students wrote about us:

The impression we have taken away with us will be a lasting one. From the beautiful village of Suèvres, the warmth of all the people we met, our kind and charming host family, to your immaculate teaching skills.  SM

Can we thank you both for the utterly professional way everything was conducted. The classes were fun and informative and for us, pitched exactly at the right note. MM

When I try to describe to friends what we did on the course, I realise how much we packed in, a play, singing, all sorts of complicated exercises, and of course the whole experience of living and learning in France. JS

We loved the mixture of structured and spontaneous classes and the fact that everyone was encouraged to speak. EC

You have worked out an excellent programme which I don't think could be improved. I feel confident about the exam now. GD

Je vous remercie pour la semaine dernière. C’était pour moi un moment inoubliable. L’enseignement était excellent et l’hospitalité merveilleuse. VS

We covered many subjects in a light hearted manner. The conversation and interaction with our hosts was a real bonus. I appreciated the optional extra tuition in the afternoons. NR

In class, I liked the way that you picked up on small points of grammar in our usage and quietly helped with explanations. The group really seemed to gel and there was a warmth which will encourage those first timers to return. EC

Each year I come back feeling re-invigorated mentally! IML

Thank you very much for such a brilliant week. I really enjoyed it and feel I gained a lot. Not least a rekindling of my interest in French and France, and in studying. SP (L310 preparation).