Mill in SuevresThis mill in the village is the inspiration for our logo


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In November 2016, a magnificent new book on the history and daily life of Suèvres over the ages was published. Entitled Suèvres de A a Z, the book contains 272 pages and over 800 photos.

You can find more information at this link: Suèvres A-Z


Our village's history

Suèvres is a small, unspoilt mediaeval village on the banks of the Loire, about seven miles north-east of the provincial capital, Blois. The village has been in continuous occupation since Druid and Roman times and, walking down its narrow streets or alongside its peaceful streams, you will discover Roman inscriptions, medieval walls and turrets, renaissance moats and houses, two ancient churches with a fine collection of gargoyles, three bars, four small châteaux and seventeen watermills, one still in use.

Our home

Rue St Martin

We have a permanent home in the rue St Martin in Suèvres

Our garden

One of the mills in the village

Photo of one of the mills

Our latest news

Over the last four years, with the construction of two lotissements, Suèvres’ population has increased around 15% to 1,500 inhabitants.  Good news for the local school which no longer risks amalgamation with other local villages. This increase in population has had a knock-on effect for the new conseil municipal, which in the 2014 elections increased to 19 councillors. Interestingly, the candidate list, by law, must have an equal number of men and women. Several families well known to IF stagiaires have taken on roles in the new village council.


The construction of the new junior school is now complete and replaces the former classrooms which date back to the era of Jules Ferry and the establishment of compulsory education under the Third Republic. The maison du directeur adjoining the classrooms, which has been our IF base for the last four years is being amalgamated into the new school buildings.  While we are sad at losing these classrooms, we are delighted that this fine building is being restored and valued as part of the patrimoine local.


Suèvres has many associations: tennis, gymnastics, troisième âge, cycling, library and culture, football (at least five teams including girls’ and under-sevens). The list of twenty-four clubs is an impressive reflection of the vibrancy of village life.  Sadly the Harmonie de Suèvres, now disbanded, no longer leads the retraite aux flambeaux on the 14 juillet but the Chorale Sodobria under the inspiring leadership of Françoise Koreneff goes from strength to strength, and quite a few IF stagiaires have enjoyed joining the choir at its Monday rehearsals.

We in Immersion France are proud of our status as one of the village associations.

Photo Fete Nationale 2017