The church

Suèvres church

Why 'Immersion'?

Many visitors to France speak French well enough to get by in shops and restaurants, but find themselves at a loss when it comes to talking in French about the things that really interest them. Getting recipes from the butcher, discussing the new Government with neighbours, chatting about this year's wine harvest in a local café - all this is of the essence of living in France.

France, founded in 1994, offers intensive six-day language courses in which French is the only language heard and spoken. We seek to capture the essence of La France profonde while helping individual students to develop their linguistic skills and confidence at their own level.

The work done in the class room is consolidated by the fact that accommodation and meals are provided by local families who are well known to us, so that from the moment you arrive in Suèvres until the moment you leave you will be truly immersed in the language and culture.

We can also offer specialist 'group' weeks, for example in French art and literature, or French cuisine, and Primary French teaching.

We are also happy to organise tailor-made courses for groups of four or more.