14 juillet celebrations

Jane leading the choir

Photo of the choir
and impromptu guitar playing, enjoyed by all!

Photo of guitar player 14 juillet

What kind of students come to us?

Why choose Immersion France?  We offer immersion into French language, culture, and the daily life of a small French village. Our over-riding aim is to build up your confidence, no matter how diffident you may feel about your level of French.  For the last twenty-five years, we have been one of Suèvres’ village associations (see the Suèvres village website: and our students are warmly welcomed into the life of the village. Staying with a family means that what you have learned in the classroom, you can reinforce over the dinner table - and even at breakfast!  Our host families are all long-term friends who receive IF students warmly, enjoying conversations over meals and a glass or two of wine. This total immersion means that our students make progress in a way that is not possible when you have to switch from French in the classroom to English outside classes.

How are we different?  We never accept more than twelve students each week, usually divided into two groups, according to level.  We are all qualified, experienced, university teachers of French, sharing a delight in teaching the subject which we love. This is now our twenty-sixth year and the number of students we welcome back each year bear witness to the quality of our teaching. Our small groups and years of teaching experience enable us to respond to individual needs and adapt our material appropriately.  Our courses are carefully structured, and our students’ progress is reviewed regularly by all the teachers.

How much work is involved?  Classes start at 9.00, and continue, with a pause café until 12.30, when we break for a working lunch in the garden, where we all talk French together. Afternoon classes finish around 15.00, although we encourage some (non-compulsory) homework every day, enabling those who want to, to work on problem areas and reinforce what has been covered during the day. We always encourage our students to revise the day’s work after classes - this really helps to retain the language newly learned in class. During your free time there are opportunities for extra individual help and study, as well as exploring the locality on foot.

Is it all work?  Over and above this programme, we organise visits to a local Chateau and to the historic city of Blois, an introduction to French Philosophy, an optional French cookery class, and a singing session of French Chansons (which really helps with  pronunciation). IF is hard work -  not just a French holiday with some language work thrown in! However, we do have a lot of fun as well and the atmosphere in our classes is supportive and friendly. Our end-of-course meal on the last night (complete with piano accordion), is always a highlight.