14 juillet celebrations

Jane leading the choir

Photo of the choir
and impromptu guitar playing, enjoyed by all!

Photo of guitar player 14 juillet

What kind of students come to us?

We cater for adult - men and women - students of French (post-O level/GCSE to degree level) who have an established interest in the French language and way of life and are keen to improve their linguistic skills - either in general, or in preparation for specific courses such as those of the Open University.

We also specialize in the revision and consolidation of oral and written proficiency in the run up to French language examinations, particularly the Open University's Level 3 module L310.

Many of our students have returned to us a second, third and even more times!

Although our courses normally last for six days, we are more than happy to plan a fortnight's course or longer for those who would like a deeper immersion in the language and way of life.

These are not courses for complete beginners. We are more than happy to discuss the suitability of our courses for you – don’t hesitate to give us a ring (020 8764 8356) or email us if you would like advice before booking.